Unit 2: Introduction to Graphing Linear Functions

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CA Standards - 7th grade
Time Frame
Unit 2: Introduction to Graphing
  • Plotting points on a coordinate grid
  • Graphing linear equations in quadrant I
AF 3.4 Plot the values of quantities whose ratios are always the same.
Fit a line to the plot and understand that the slope of the line equals the ratio
2 weeks

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Notes: Plotting Points on a Coordinate Grid

Notes: Graphing from a Pattern

Quiz #2 (Page 2)
Practice Quiz 2 (pg 2)

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  • Bily Bug and his Quest for Grub- Practice plotting points on a coordinate grid (4 quadrants)
  • Ambleweb Function MachineBefore you start, draw a T-Chart and fill in the x (input) and y (output). Can you discover the rule? Start with the simple Single Step Operations, the move on to the Two Step Operations. when you feel confident, click on RANDOM!
  • Interactive Pracitice- Graphing Points on a Coordinate Plane
  • Try out this game and see if you can beet the clock in our class competition!
    Graph Points Game

    Set the controls like you see below and see how many points you can graph in 30 seconds. (Leave all other controls as is).
    graph points
    graph points

    Then enter your best score in 30 seconds in the comments section of this post! Good luck.