Integers & Absolute Value

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CA Standards - 7th grade
Integers, Absolute Value,
· Operations with Integers
· Absolute Value
NS 2.5 Understand the meaning of the absolute value of a number; interpret the absolute value as the
distance of the number from zero on a number line; determine the absolute value of real numbers.
NS 1.2 Add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers.
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Problem of the Week #1

Uncle Henry was driving to Halifax when he spotted a big green gorilla on the side of the road with a number painted on his chest. He screeched to a stop, jumped out of his car, but the gorilla was gone. He tried to remember the number but all he knew for sure was that it was a 4 digit number. Then...
1) He remembered seeing a number 1.
2) In the hundred's place he remembered that the number was 3 times the number in the thousand's place.
3) He said the number in the one's place is 4 times the number in the ten's place.
4) Finally he said the number 2 is sitting in the thousand's place.
What is the number?