Graphing Linear Equations

Unit 7: Graphing Linear Equations

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Unit 7: Graphing Equations
· Graph linear equations
· Identify Slope & y-intercept
· Represent relationship graphically (ft. vs in., speed, quantity)
· Graph y=nx2 and y=nx3
AF 3.3 Graph linear functions, noting the vertical change per unit of horizontal change is always the same and know that the ratio is the slope.
AF 3.4 Plot the values of quantities whose ratios are always the same. Fit a line to the plot and understand that the slope of the line equals the ratio.
AF 1.5, AF 3.1
4 weeks

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  • Math Warehouse -a good tutorial and some practice problems relating to graphing linear equations

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Graphing Linear Functions
Introduction to Slope



  • Algebra vs. The Cockroaches! Very funny, but difficult.
  • Ambleweb Function Machine Before you start, draw a T-Chart and fill in the x (input) and y (output). Can you discover the rule? Start with the simple Single Step Operations, the move on to the Two Step Operations. when you feel confident, click on RANDOM!